Dream Big.

In Hawaii, I saw something amazing.

The people in YWAM dream big.

Like, real big.
They dream so big, they don’t compete.
They dream so big, that no one else shares their exact dream.
They want to see souls saved.
They want to take whole nations.
If they meet someone with a similar dream or a heart for the same nation, they partner;
They don’t compare themselves to each other.
Because they recognize that they have different giftings that can work together to reach their goal.

If you dream small,
(Like the ultimate goal in your life is to have the microphone on a Sunday morning,)
You’re going to criticize everyone who gets that microphone instead of you.

If you dream bigger,
If you want to see souls saved through your words, you’re going to support whoever has the microphone and is teaching sound theology and learn from them.
And then you’re going to take what you learn, and share it with everyone you meet.
And you’re going to constantly look for ways to partner with Jesus to achieve your dreams.

If you’re called to worship ministry,
Go big!
Take your guitar to a park on Saturday!
Just play it!
If people come up to you, tell them about Church on Sunday!

Sing at an open mic night at a dive bar at one in the morning on a weekday!
I bet those people could use some Jesus,
And I bet someone encounters the Lord..

It’d be easy for me to find someone who works a similar job,
Making more money,
In a bigger office,
In a bigger city,
With more name recognition,
Who gets to travel more than I do.

If my biggest dream was to have that job,
I would criticize everything that person puts out.
Every print ad,
Every social media post,
Every marketing campaign.

But I’m dreaming bigger.
I want to see a shift in the entire process of Marketing in America.
Because if there’s a shift in America, the whole world will be influenced.
I want to see honesty in Marketing.
I want to see wholesome campaings.
I want to see a day where sex doesn’t sell products in America!
(Amazingly, I currently work for a company whose executives share my vision.)

So now when I see print ads or social posts or marketing campaigns that aren’t sleezy or misleading,
I get to rejoice!
And partner with the person or company who created that ad!
I get to support that company and share it with people!
I get to find inspiration from what they’ve created!
Because it can be very challenging to come up fresh, exciting, classy ideas for marketing.

In short,
Dream bigger.
Dream so big that it scares you.
Dream so big that people don’t understand it.
Dream so big that they tell you it’s impossible.
Dream so big that there is absolutely no way you can make it happen on your own.
Dream so big that after 50 years of continuously chasing your dream,
When people say, ‘Look at all this fruit! So much has been accomplished because of your dream!’
You can say, ‘I’m not done. My dream is still bigger.’

And just keep going.

(There is more to your life than striving for public recognition in the local Church.)

– Dani
😉 🙂 😀


Supervisor: ‘Here.’


Dani: ‘Do I get to go to this?’
‘I don’t know.’
‘I’ve been asking to go to this since January..’
‘Just open it.’


Dani: ‘What am I looking at?’
‘Keep going..’


Dani: ‘Oh, good Lord.’

IMG_8085 IMG_8086 IMG_8087 IMG_8088

(This is a picture of me, dressed as a pirate. Since you can’t see my adorable pirate-y outfit, I just look like a weirdo with crazy eyes and unkempt hair.)

Supervisor: ‘Every FBO in the nation just received this brochure in the mail.’
Dani: ‘Fantastic.’
Supervisor: ‘I think so.’
Dani: ‘Now I have to go to this. Laura and I are officially the faces of NBAA S&D ’17. We must be in Forth Worth next February. I’ll ready my cowgirl boots.’

The excitement in my life never stops.

– Dani
😉 🙂 😀

P.S: This was my whole outfit:


See? Pirate.
They really should have used a full-body shot;
When you fully commit to a wench costume, a head shot just won’t do.
Lesson learned.

I Fly a Plane.

Good gravy, my life is cool.

Dani: ‘You’ve never taken me flying.’
Pilot: ‘Let’s go.’
Dani: ‘This weekend.’
Pilot: ‘Right now.’
Dani: ‘I’m working.’
Supervisor: ‘Go!’
Dani: ‘Well if you all insist!’

Here is the first of many a shameless selfie;
Staring myself and our trusty Cessna.
Doesn’t she look reliable?



If you don’t already live in Oregon, you should probably stop right here;
There’s a good chance you’ll be real jealous of where I live, if you keep scrolling.

IMG_5391 IMG_5390

I don’t want to brag or anything,
But I live here, you guys.


At one point I actually flew the plane!

Pilot: ‘Do you see something wrong with this picture?’
Dani: ‘..what picture?’
Pilot: ‘In front of us..’
Dani: ‘..are we going to hit something?’
Pilot: ‘Maybe that mountain, right there..’
Dani: ‘Oh. What should I do?’
Pilot: ‘Maybe turn the plane away from the mountain..’
Dani: ‘Oh. Okay. Good idea.’

There are no pictures of that.
But here’s another shameless selfie,
Just for funsies.


That’s my day.
That’s my job.
That’s my life.

It’s pretty cool.

– Dani
😉 🙂 😀


If you live in the Rogue Valley, there’s a good chance that you’ll find yourself perusing the Spring issue of Southern Oregon Magazine at some point.

(If you don’t live in the Rogue Valley, you can read it here!)

You’ll probably get to page 9 and say to yourself,
‘Who in the world is the talented Marketing Princess who designed this incredible ad for Million Air Medford?! I bet she’s beautiful, hilarious, and shockingly single!’

She is!
And it’s me!


But don’t stop there!

Why don’t you make your way to the Build Section on page 102?
(I’m going to make you look this one up, yourself.)
What’s that?!
Just a feature on Brock Built LLC!


Who in the world is that tall drink of apple juice on page 106?!
(I say apple juice, because she has red hair; and she looks like an incredibly sweet person.)
I bet she signs autographs.
(I know that she does. Because it’s me, too!)

This marketing thing is so fun.

– Dani
😉 🙂 😀