Waking up. The process.

Waking up is hard.
Not waking up early, just waking up.
10 am is just as difficult as 6 am; even more so, because at 10 am I’m disappointed in myself.
But 6 am Dani is very convincing that 10 am Dani will be gracious.

She never is.

I love being awake early.
I am so motivated!
But the process of waking up, especially those first 20 minutes of consciousness, is excruciating.
And it doesn’t matter what time I went to bed.
An object in motion stays in motion, and a Dani asleep will stay asleep for 10-13 hours.

When I was in my early 20s, I would wake up right away to my phone alarm only on vibrate.
Then I became self-employed. And I live alone.
So my alarm had to become louder and louder.
And further away from my bed.

I realized that I wasn’t getting out of bed because I was feeling overwhelmed by my to-do list for the day.
I began telling myself at night: ‘Just get up and sit at the table and drink coffee. Don’t even worry about feeding the critters until it’s light out.’
(Because sometimes they don’t get fed until 9 am, anyway…)

I decided to try an experiment:
Is my love for drinking coffee and doing nothing stronger than my love of sleep?

It’s a tie.

But with a coffee pot set to ‘auto,’ a super annoying alarm placed next to it, and a friend who texts me every morning asking, ‘did you finally wake up on time?’

I am successful.

My kitchen table stocked with a laptop, books, journals, a blankie, and the only chairs in my house that are too uncomfortable to nap in.
Maybe I’ll read.
Maybe I’ll write.

Maybe I’ll just stare at this grumpy reflection in the kitchen window until that frown turns upside.

But I’ve found that the most effective trick is to set a coffee date with Felicity. 

I just CANNOT cancel on that little face.




One thought on “Waking up. The process.

  1. Wow, is your real name Danielle Ilene, because I thought I would be the only one on the Internet, lol! Seriously though, my name is Danielle Ilene Hartley, and I was shocked to come across this post when doing a search for my name. Coincidentally, my number one problem in life is getting up in the mornings. I often sleep through loud alarms, and can’t convince myself to get up when I’m sleepy. It’s really disruptive to my life, and thank God I’m self-employed, because I couldn’t manage an early morning schedule. It looks like you struggle with sleep/waking up problems as well. I hope you’re not weirded out by my post. I thought it was honest of you to share this with the world.



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