Felicity Stands on Things.

My horse has a pet lamb.
Her name is Felicity.
She makes her own rules.

Here she is, standing on things.
(Some of this photography is sub-par. She is quick, and prefers that her antics are not caught on camera. I disagree, and do my best to win. But she’s wily.)


A ramp. Cautious to meet her large, new friend.


The wrong side of a fence. Creating concern for her large, new friend.

Beneath this blanket. Hiding from anyone who may try to snuggle her.


Construction materials. Certifying quality.


This table. Reason unapparent.

Under her large friend. A courageous and trusting little soul.


A raised garden bed. Checking for produce.


The manure pile. Just looking for trouble.

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This log. Asking for smooches.


This table again. Looking for cookies amongst Harley’s accoutrements.


Under the hot fence. Showing a blatant disregard for the power of electricity.


The dinner cart. Creating frustration for her large friend.

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The snowy ground. Contented and pleased.

The dinner cart, again. Her dominance fully asserted.

A lovely vinyl plank.

The window frame in the door to the kitchen. With murder in her eyes.

The outdoor entertainment area. Ready to party.

Stay tuned for the next Felicity Photo Journal.
I am currently working on one in which she chews on things.
You don’t want to miss it.