Thick skin. 

Sometimes you get told that you’re a #BossBabe who can conquer the world in pink heels. 

Sometimes you find yourself in a room with 30 people who are taking turns criticizing an ad in a local magazine;
30 people who don’t realize the creator of that ad is also in the room.

And then you ugly cry in your car for a half hour.

And then your new car gets rear-ended driving to Grandma’s for dinner.

And then you and Grandpa still can’t find that arrow that went rogue during last week’s target practice.

And it crosses your mind to run away. 

But then you remember some wise words from an inspiring teacher:

‘People will tell you that you need to have thick skin. You don’t. You need to have smooth skin. Thick skin will make you jaded. Smooth skin will let that stuff just roll right off of you.’

‘We all go through hard things in life. You’ve got to have roots. The wind pushes on you to make you strong. Dig deep. Lean in. Keep pushing forward.’

And then you feel better.

But you still run away for a day,
Because a salty storm is good for the soul.
And Alejandro hadn’t been to the beach yet.
And Brookings is the kind of place you can live for 10 years and still not know about every random waterfall oasis.

– Dani
😉 🙂 😀