Time Clock: The Saga.

There are many things I can do well:
Build a website.
Drive a snow plow.
Recite the quadratic formula on command.
Thrive within a financial budget.
Dance like no one is watching.
Immediately identify the presence of a puppy dog within a 100 yard radius.
Create a culinary masterpiece using nothing but cheese.

There are two things I cannot do well:
Effectively operate a time clock.

Remember when I set a New Year’s Resolution to be better at clocking in and out from work;

And it lasted four days?

It got progressively worse.

January 26

Accountant: “You forgot to clock in AND out yesterday? Did you even work?”
Dani: “NO WAY! I swear I at least clocked out. I need to get my life turned around.”

January 30

Accountant: “What time did you return from lunch on Friday?”
“You’ve got to be kidding me. 12:48, please.”

February 1

Time Clock:

Dani: “Have I been fired?”
Accountant: “It seems to have been a glitch in the system. Should be fixed now. So just keep punching in and out like normal… only better.”
Dani: “Did it revoked my punching privileges because I’m so inconsistent?”

Accountant: “Unfortunatly, no.”
Dani: “Your jokes are top notch today.”

*Very soon after*

Accountant: “What time did you leave today?”
Dani: “12:45. You deserve a raise.”

February 2

Accountant: “Thank you for helping me out with this.”
Dani: “It’s the least I can do after committing 42 punching violations this week.”
Accountant: “I didn’t want to be the one to say it.’

Working relationships are all about give-and-take.

February 13

“I’ve been gone for a week. That means no time clock corrections! This is the fresh start I needed. I’m optimistic for the future.”
– I thought as I clocked in for work.

*End of the day*

Dani: “First day back..guess who didn’t clock out. Old habits die real hard.”
Accountant: “YOU!”
Dani: “I know. I’ve disappointed even myself.”

February 15

Accountant: “Don’t clock in or out for the rest of the day. Just email me your times.”
Dani: “Now this is the sort of task I need to be assigned. I’m going to do a great job.”
Accountant: “I appreciate your compliance.”

March 3

Dani: “Remember that time I went a whole pay period without a time clock adjustment and shocked the world?!”
Accountant: “Oh. I didn’t even notice. But good job.”

Started from the bottom;
Now. We. Here.

– Dani
😉 🙂 😀