Sickie snacks. 

A couple years ago I got very sick.
A head cold.
I did not handle it with grace.

I spent the afternoon laying in bed, sending my dad pitiful selfies to prove that this stuffy nose would, in fact, be the death of me.  

Around 23:30, I heard a knock at my door and received a text from my dad that said, ‘Open up.’

I opened the door to see my parents standing on my porch with a grocery bag full of Chicken & Stars and strawberry milk;
Sickie snacks. 

After exchanging possession of ‘the goods’ my parents waved,
exclaimed, ‘see you for thanksgiving!’
and immediately headed back to Brookings.

My dad had worked 08:00-17:30 at one job, roughly 18:00-20:00 at his second job, driven 6 hours round trip, and was back at work 08:00 the next day.
Just to bring me some sickie snacks. 

Some people hear that story and say, ‘Well aren’t you a princess. My parents would never do that for me.’

They’re right. I am a princess.

Don’t mind this unwarranted selfie. Just wanted to remind everyone that my eyes look like limestone.

But there’s more. 

Your parents might not drive 6 hours to bring you goodies that you could easily buy yourself from the store that’s 3 blocks away if you chose to handle the situation like an adult;
And that’s completely understandable.

But Jesus would do it for you.
(Didn’t see that coming!)
And I know that for a fact, because in the Gospels (Matthew 8, Mark 5, and Luke 8,) Jesus got into a boat, crossed a whole entire sea, went up to one guy (Matthew says two guys. I don’t know why. Ask Jesus,) cast out demons, brought healing, gave him new clothes, probably a fresh-looking shave, made him look all sorts of fly, gave him some food, got back in the boat, and went back to the same place he had come from.

He literally crossed a sea to take sickie snacks to one dude.
(probably Chicken & Stars and strawberry milk. He is the Lord, after all.)

Now in another book of the Bible that I don’t remember right at this very second (it’s Mark 9:28 and Luke 9:49,)
The disciples said, ‘There was a guy casting out demons in Your name. We told him to stop, because he don’t hang.’
And Jesus said, ‘Fo’ real?! Don’t do that. He cool.’

Don’t worry about the relaxed nature of my paraphrasing.
My point is that there were people during that time who could cast out demons other then the 13 main characters that we all know and love.

God totally could have sent someone else to go and help this guy.
Just like He sent Jonah to Nineveh.
Or like my dad could have called my Aunt and Uncle who live 9/10 of a mile from my house and asked them to bring me a care package.

Probably would have been cheaper and way more efficient in both instances.

But it wouldn’t have been as impactful or made the recipient feel like a Prince or Princess.
And we wouldn’t have this iconic blog post today.
Praise God.

So instead, Jesus knew of the Demoniac, climbed into a boat, calmed an entire maritime storm by shouting ‘STOP IT! MY BABY NEEDS ME!’ (Loose translation, but I’m sure it’s close..) crossed the sea, made sure his little pumpkin was taken care of, and then just went right back home.

Like my parents did.

I hope you enjoyed this anecdotal reminder that Jesus is a good Padre.
I’ll conclude with an actual picture of the afore mentioned sickie snacks; circa 2014.


Remember taking pictures with a webcam? Those were quaint days.

– Dani
😉 🙂 😀

(This post was inspired by a section in The Heart of the Prophetic by Ivan Roman. Pick it up on Amazon by clicking here. It’s real good. And his translations are probably more accurate than mine are. You’ll love it.)


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