Four days after winning ‘Most likely to push your car to work,’
My car died while pulling into the parking lot at work and I quite nearly had to push it into a parking space.
Apparently my boss is highly prophetic.

Dad: ‘Well, now  you know that it may die as you drive home tonight, and you can be prepared.’
‘Nay. I’m never driving that car again. She done me dirty.’
Dad: ‘I understand.’

Five days after winning ‘Most likely to push your car to work,’
I bought a car.

Dad: ‘It concerns me, a single {pretty} girl going to a car lot by herself. The vultures WILL come out.’
Dani: ‘Not to worry. My boss recommended a respectful place. And I will take a ‘Tough as Nails Price Negotiator’ with me.’
(He didn’t actually use the word ‘pretty.’ But we all know what he meant.)


‘I don’t want to be with you when you buy a house.’
– Said my Tough as Nails Price Negotiator while I hyperventilated at the thought of financing $3,500.

Alas, I’d like you all to meet Alejandro;

He is a Ford Fiesta, a matador, and a gentleman.
We shout ‘ANDALE!’ at red lights and ‘ARRRRRRIBA!’ when they turn green.
(I am in the market for a tiny sombrero to hang from the rear-view mirror.)

Photo Credit: “Renegade”

Glamour Shot. Purely majestic.

Alejandro and I were excited to entertain our first guest, the famed photographer himself:

Our guest was incredibly jealous of my ‘worst car’ prize.
He tried convincing me that I needed to return it so it could be presented to the runner up;
Because I purchased a nicer car within 10 days of winning the award.
‘It’s in the employee manual.’
– He said.
‘I reformatted the employee manual 6 months ago. I know that thing like the back of my hand. The flashlight will remain in my possession.’
– I retorted.

No one tells Alejandro and I what to do.

The day Alejandro and I committed to spending 36 months together is also the day that Fall grades were released:

4.0, baby!

A margarita to celebrate the big day and emotionally process the cost of full-coverage auto insurance:



– Dani
😉 🙂 😀