Miracle Hair.

‘I wasn’t even listening when you were making announcements on Sunday. I was just staring at your ‘miracle hair,’ wondering how you did it.’
I ain’t even mad,
Because I wasn’t very funny that Sunday.

I digress.

I’ve been asked how I get my hair like this:


So I’ll tell ya!

I accept no responsibility for anything that goes terribly wrong if you try this method,
Possibilities include but are not limited to:
Burnt hair.
Burnt off hair. (It really does happen. It’s happened to me. Twice. Not with this iron. It’s a bummer. But life goes on.)
Burnt face.
Burnt shins. (I know it sounds silly. But people have been known to burn their legs with curling irons. Sometimes twice. It’s not important. I don’t want to talk about it.)
Burnt neck.
Burnt fingers.

(My website does not support video at this time.
So this will be a photo tutorial.
Best of luck to us all.)

Shampoo, Condition, Leave-In Condition, Blow-dry.
(I LOVE the Extreme line by Redken for my poor, very-damaged hair.)


Then I bust out this bad boy:


Why I love wands:
They work great on naturally curly hair,
To spice up those God-given waves.
Bouncy curls last and last and last,
I don’t use setting spray, just a little light hairspray at the end.

My hair was much shorter when I bought this.
That’s why it’s skinny.
For longer hair, I would recommend a bigger iron. 
It’s faster.
But I paid $80 for this son-of-a-pig,
So I will use it until the Good Lord calls me home.

While the curling wand warms, I slather some of this stuff all up in my flowing mane.
(Helps protect hair cuticle from the direct heat of the iron.
Too much will get you greasy.
Ask the Holy Spirit for discernment.)


The smell.
Oh my lands, the smell.


I also like to add a little volume to my hair, because my roots are flatter than my chest.


Take this chunk of hair, backcomb, and hairspray.

Now take this chunk of hair, backcomb, and hairspray.

Now take this chunk of hair, backcomb, and hairspray.

Now take this chunk of hair, backcomb, and hairspray.

Lay it all back down, quick comb over the top to smooth it down and even it out.


Now we’re ready for the main attraction;
I’m comin’ in hot!

Tip 1: Curl your hair the way you want it to lay.
Don’t make it work harder than it needs to.

See how sad I am?
That’s how sad this curl is going to be when gravity forces it to completely invert itself.


This curl will be so happy. That makes me happy.


Tip 2: The cooling process is what makes curls last.
Remove iron and hold hair in desired shape until cooled.

You dare run your fingers through that curl, yet.

Caress that curl like a tiny, injured kitten until it doesn’t burn your hand anymore.


Tip 3: Curl away from face, on both sides.
That means some awkward arm contorting at first, but it’s worth it.

I’m sad again. Because this curl is going to spend all day flopping in my face.


Look how happy I am! Because these curls will naturally want to stay out of my lip gloss. I like that.


Tip 4: Let hair twist as is wraps.
That’s what gives these curls a different look than using a regular curling iron.

This will create barrel curls. Like Rodeo Princess curls. That’s not what we’re going for.


See how the chunk of hair gets more twisty as it wraps? We like that. We want that.


Tip 5: Messy hair is foxy hair.
After ALL hair is curled and cooled, go back through and ‘pop’ each curl.
Then shake.

Leave your hair all ringlet-y.
You’re not a rodeo queen or an 8 year old attending a daddy-daughter dance.
Nows the time to break up those curls, girlfriend.



Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop!




Majestically glance over shoulder.

Tip 6: Lift hair at roots with fingers, hairspray ends!
(Adds volume.)


And you’re done!
Now get out there and flaunt your bouncy locks, you foxy she-devil.
(This hairstyle pairs nicely with bright pink lips and the hot-girl filter.)

img_9084 img_9082

Hope that helps, y’all!

– Dani
😉 🙂 😀

These curls have magical powers;
Remember to use those powers for good.
Also, if this tutorial gets you a puppy,
I’m going to need to pet that puppy.
If this tutorial gets you a baby,

I’m going to need to hold that baby.
If this tutorial gets you nachos,
I’m going to need some of those nachos.