Weekends are for Adventure.

Dani: ‘I’m coming to visit!’
Cousin: ‘Want to fish for surf perch?’
Dani: ‘Of course I do. I’ve got the perfect hat.’


I ❤ work swag.

That first night I was blessed with a real treat:
Cartoon snuggles with this little princess!


I don’t even care that this is a horrible picture. She finally likes me again.

Dani: ‘How early do we have to leave in the morning?’
Cousin: ‘Like, 7?’
Dani: ‘Oy.’
Cousin: ‘I’ll buy donuts. And we have a Keurig. So coffee can be ready in one minute.’

Smart man.


To the coast!

Ben caught the first fish!


I was happy for him. I was.

I hooked one!
But then I lost him.
Story of my life.

(I assume he just got intimidated when he realized how pretty and successful I am.)


‘I’m not bitter at all.’ – I said bitterly, with a bitter expression.

Selfies to make me feel better!


Don’t mind the spot of coffee on my nose. It was there all day. No one told me.

It’s shocking that I didn’t have a more successful day,
Just look at that sound casting technique:


Pure grace.

Dani: ‘There was so much weight on the line, it was really hard to cast.’
Cousin: ‘It was two ounces..’
Dani: ‘…that can’t be right.’
Cousin: ‘I know that you’re a strong, independent woman who doesn’t need a man. But if you want, I can cast for you. We don’t have to tell anyone.’

Whether I took him up on his offer stays between he and I.

Here I am not complaining about being cold and wet and having crampies:


I’m such a good fishing buddy.

After a much needed nap to sleep away a heart-wrenching day of fishing,
It was time for some giggles and selfies.


Dani: ‘What’s for dinner?’
Cousin: ‘Burgers?’
Dani: ‘It’s been a looong time since I’ve had a chili burger. Let’s make it a double. I just finished my homework and I’d like to celebrate.’
Waitress: ‘I’ve worked here since October. I’ve never seen anyone order a double chili burger.’
Cook: ‘I can barely even finish a single.’
Dani: ‘I’m declaring this is the end of swimsuit season for me. I need to do this. I need to prove that the cook is a weak, weak man.’


‘She is clothed with strength and dignity and laughs without fear of the future.’


‘You were made to do hard things, beautiful girl. So believe in yourself.’

Mission accomplished.


‘Every once in a while, blow your own dang mind.’

After dinner, there was nothing to do but lay on the  couch and take selfies while my tummy did battle with a whole cow and a can of chili.


I wasn’t completely lazy for the rest of the night,
At one point I moved to the floor.


Weekends are fun.
Adventure is fun.
Family is fun.

– Dani
😉 🙂 😀