5 years ago, I realized something. 

I suck at choosing boys, and I make terrible decisions with them.

So June of 2011, I decided that I would start involving Jesus in the process of finding love.

(Spoiler alert: you don’t get a lot of boyfriends when you’re asking Jesus for His approval, first. Especially when you inform your potential suitor that you’ll be requesting the Lord’s input. They typically just bow out right then. )

Thus Singleversary was born!
And is celebrated the first week of June, every year.
**In the name of being fully transparent here:
I dated someone for a short time, earlier this year;
For the first time since the inception of Singleversary.
(I asked Jesus for His input and everything!
And no terrible decisions were made!
I’ve grown so much.)
Because of this, I struggled with the decision to celebrate ‘Singleversary 2016’. 
I don’t want to be untruthful and exclaim,
‘I’ve been completely single for five years, now!’
But at the same time, Singleversary has always meant more to me than that.

Singleversary represents:
  • When I started realizing my worth.
  • When I started setting rules for myself.
  • When I started asking Jesus’ opinion about boys.
  • When I started believing that I’m capable of taking care of myself.
  • When I started taking authority over the influences I allow in my life.
Sometimes it’s easy to forget those things when you’re single.
And I refuse to forget them, even when I am dating someone.
So I didn’t want to STOP recognizing this symbolic time in my life..
Especially since I’ve just had this whole new experience to learn from!

Ya feel me?
It was time to evaluate exactly what this time of year signifies for me:
It’s a time to remember that I’m unmarried by choice;
That if I had stayed on the path I was on five years ago,
My life would be vastly different and not nearly as awesome as it is today..
That everyday I am trusting Jesus to keep me safe until it’s time to get married.
(It’s also a time to validate spending a lot of money on myself.
I am a gift person and I don’t have an anniversary to receive presents on;
99% of Singleversary is Dani spoiling Dani.
And speaking in third-person.)
Perhaps Singleversary isn’t the best name for it anymore..
Because it’s not about how long I’ve stayed single.
But then again, maybe ‘Singleversary’ is a good name..
Because it’s about making good decisions while single.
And it’s just so dang catchy!

Maybe I should come up with something better before next year;

Like Dani-versary.
Or Princess-versary.
Or Nacho-versary.
(I just love nachos so much.)
Now, on to the important things:
How does one celebrate a 5-year Singleversary?!
Adventures, rodeos, and margaritas.
(And the acceptance of gifts from kind people like yourselves..)
Of course.

– Dani
😉 🙂 😀