‘I’m sorry that I’m completely retarded.’
– I said to Katelyn as I spilled my coffee on her car, in her car, and dramatically threw my coffee cup into the air when a bird hit the windshield as we were driving to Union Creek for a weekend camping adventure.


It rained as we drove;
An unnerving sight when you’re about to live off the land for 3 days.
We got to the campground and our favorite campsite was available!
Praise God.

I immediately took to starting a fire.
I love starting fires.
I do.

I pride myself on my ability to start a fire without using lighter fluid.
Katelyn: ‘But, there’s lighter fluid in the lighter you use to light the paper..’
Touche, Katelyn.


I even used a hatchet without hurting anyone.

‘Who needs a man?!’
– I said smugly.

That first evening, we ate tacos and s’mores by my fire and it was fantastic.
(Shoutout to Katelyn for doing ALL of the cooking on this trip. I probably wouldn’t have eaten at all if it wasn’t for her. I was pretty obsessed with my fire.)
img_6700IMG_6701 IMG_6709 IMG_6713IMG_6708
The next morning, we slept in until 11:30.
That’s not easy to do, whilst camping.
Here’s an unedited selfie I took while walking to the outhouse.


‘I’m going to go lay down for a little bit. Like, 20 minutes, max.’
– I announced at 2:00 in the afternoon.
Two hours later, I awoke to the realization that I am a horrible camping buddy.


We decided that we shouldn’t waste the ENTIRE day by sleeping,
So we went for a hike!
And we found this pretty place.
IMG_6711 IMG_6705
That evening, we ate more tacos and Katelyn used her fancy photography equipment to take night-pictures of our campsite!
I don’t have those pictures to show.
Because she uses fancy film that has to be developed.
But they’re going to look super cool.
They were long exposure pictures,
So I had to sit perfectly still for four minutes while smoke from the fire burned my eyes.
I’m such a trooper.
Here’s a picture of that fire:
The next morning, I awoke at 9:30.
‘This is going to be a productive day. I can feel it.’
I sat by the river and read some F. Scott Fitzgerald;
Praise God.
I shared my fire-starting techniques with Katelyn.
She’s a natural.
We went on one last hike,
Which left me with a hideous blister that encompasses my entire heel;
And many other smaller blisters scattered about my feet.
I’ll not show you that.
But here are more pictures of Oregon scenery:
img_6695 img_6690 img_6696 IMG_6697




Dani: ‘Will you pop this little blister for me?’
Gaige: ‘No. It heals faster if you don’t pop it.’
Dani: ‘Are you just saying that because you don’t want to pop it for me?’
Gaige: ‘No, I’m not.’
Dani: ‘This huge blister already popped. Will you cut the skin off for me?’
Gaige: ‘No. You need to keep that skin on it.’
Dani: ‘But it’s torn and coming off already.’
Gaige: ‘You need to move it back to where it belongs.’
Dani: ‘Ew. Will you do it for me?’
Gaige: ‘No.’


For a while, it was thought that a massive blood blistered had formed beneath the regular blister.


Dani: ‘Should we lance it?’
Gaige: ‘We definitely should not.’
Dani: ‘Just cut the whole thing off?’
Gaige: ‘Fine. Yes. We’ll amputate at the knee. There’s nothing else we can do.’
Dani: ‘I feel like you’re not taking me seriously.’


My co-workers are the opposite of helpful when tragedy strikes.


– Dani
😉 🙂 😀