I Fly a Plane.

Good gravy, my life is cool.

Dani: ‘You’ve never taken me flying.’
Pilot: ‘Let’s go.’
Dani: ‘This weekend.’
Pilot: ‘Right now.’
Dani: ‘I’m working.’
Supervisor: ‘Go!’
Dani: ‘Well if you all insist!’

Here is the first of many a shameless selfie;
Staring myself and our trusty Cessna.
Doesn’t she look reliable?



If you don’t already live in Oregon, you should probably stop right here;
There’s a good chance you’ll be real jealous of where I live, if you keep scrolling.

IMG_5391 IMG_5390

I don’t want to brag or anything,
But I live here, you guys.


At one point I actually flew the plane!

Pilot: ‘Do you see something wrong with this picture?’
Dani: ‘..what picture?’
Pilot: ‘In front of us..’
Dani: ‘..are we going to hit something?’
Pilot: ‘Maybe that mountain, right there..’
Dani: ‘Oh. What should I do?’
Pilot: ‘Maybe turn the plane away from the mountain..’
Dani: ‘Oh. Okay. Good idea.’

There are no pictures of that.
But here’s another shameless selfie,
Just for funsies.


That’s my day.
That’s my job.
That’s my life.

It’s pretty cool.

– Dani
😉 🙂 😀