Weekend-O-Fun: Part Two.

‘Guess who’s up early!’

– I exclaimed while tripping over a baby gate as I scampered downstairs at 8:18 a.m.
A full 12 minutes before my projected wake-up time.
It ain’t no thang.

With a croissant in my belly and some Romeos on my feeties, I was ready to hit the lake!
(There is NOTHING cuter than baby romeos.
Every baby should have some.
And every baby should be forced to run in them.
It’s hilarious.
Because they’re heavy.)

Sara caught the first fish!
Ben caught two fish!
(Only one fish is pictured here.
The other is his daughter.
I understand the confusion in my wording.)
And I caught nothing.


The disappointment and embarrassment was almost too much to handle.
We went home, and I went to sleep.

After a 3-hour nap,
(Praise God)
I found the Keurig and 2.5 lbs. of cashews and settled in to do some studying.

At one point I rose from my Homework Haven;
(It’s my own fault. I know.)
And this adorable jerk moved right in and set up her own camp.


Hint taken, I moved to another location in the living room and got back to work.
Alas, we quickly hit another roadblock.


At one point, I submitted homework containing the sentence, ‘I think I just disproved my own point in this matter. But I’m going to continue on anyway.’
So I have high hopes for that assignment.

At another point, I wrote a sentence about how ‘in my opinion, the government is dabbling more and more in the private sector..’ and I thought about adding ‘but no one is dabbling in my private sector..’ just to break up the monotony of Business Ethics.
But then I decided that my fellow students might not realize that was a joke, and it was probably too scandalous to post on a private scholastic forum board, anyway.
So instead I posted it on this public blog for all to see.

I just really need someone to laugh at my inappropriate joke, you guys.

(And I’m really frustrated that the title of my last post rhymed, and this one doesn’t.)

– Dani
😉 🙂 😀