Weekend-O-Fun: Part One.

Who wants to hear about my weekend?!

Friday afternoon, I set off for a Weekend-O-Fun in Lebanon, Oregon.

With a full tank of gas, my trusty elephant, and a large pile of dirty laundry;
I hit the road!

(That’s the price you pay when you are friends with a strong, independent, and frugal woman who refuses to pay the amount of rent required to live in a place capable of running a washer and dryer. She shows up with dirty laundry. Every.Time.She.Visits.)

I also only brought three pairs of shoes for this weekend trip.
Packing lightly is not easy for me,
And I deserve accolades.

After roughly 30 miles, I couldn’t help but notice spider webs strewn about my car.
Naturally, I instantly became uneasy at this added level of unexpected excitement.

It was then that I felt a slight pinch on my thigh.
I quickly convinced myself that it was the bite of a black widow, and my best option was to seek medical attention immediately.

Unfortunatly for my leg, I had a hair appointment to get to.
Medical attention would have to wait!
(UPDATE: It turned out to not be a black widow bite.
It turned out to be not a bite, at all.
It turned out that it was probably all in my head..
So skipping medical attention was actually a smart move.

To calm myself down from the ‘Pontiac Spider Scare of 2016,’ I focused on the scenery around me.


This is the view that triggered a 16 mile cabaret-like performance of ‘She’ll Be Coming Around the Mountain.’
My fellow drivers really seemed to enjoy the show.

Halfway through my journey, I made a quick stop in Roseburg to see my favorite hairstylist for some summer highlights.

If you need a hairstylist in Roseburg, let me know.
I’ll give you her info.
She’s amazing.
(It is necessary for me to drive 100 miles to get my hair done. As a former cosmetologist myself, I trust few people to alter my naturally stunning good looks. I’ve just seen too much.)


I am happy to report that I’m blonde again;
For the first time in 18 months.

I feel like a new woman.
Footloose and fancy-free;
And I will begin to act accordingly.
(I’m not 100% sure what that means yet, but stay tuned because it will be an exciting journey of discovery, I am sure.)

The day ended with me holding this puppy in Wal*Mart at 9:30 p.m.


Footloose and fancy-free, here I come.

– Dani
😉 🙂 😀